CAFSG – End of Financial Year Planning

CA Financial Services Group (CAFSG), has looked into the changes in the personal and superannuation tax laws and found there are opportunities for some of our clientele to save some money before the financial year end. For some the ability to take advantage of these savings may be too late. If you have any questions or we have not spoken to you in a while, please feel free to contact us.

This list below is not exhaustive and has been complied based on the potential relevance to CAFSG clients.

  1. Understand the changes to the Marginal Income Tax Rates
  2. Prepay your private health insurance
  3. Maximise your Medical Expenses
  4. Prepay deductible expenses
  5. Maximise your concessional contributions to super
  6. Other super contributions
  7. NSW Home Builders Bonus
  8. First Home Saver Account

CAFSG strongly suggests you consult us or your tax adviser when implementing the proposed actions below. We highly stress that the information below is factual information and not personal advice.

Download the End of Financial Year document by clicking on the link below

CAFSG – End of Financial Year Planning

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