CAFSG – Quarterly Newsletter – December 2013

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Our last newsletter for the year – and what a year it has been!  CA’s 30th anniversary was cause for much celebration and reflection. It gives us a great sense of satisfaction to see how many of our long-term clients have reached their goals and are now in a position where they can really enjoy life and do all the things they only dreamt of 30 years ago.

Time and time again the common theme for those living their dreams is simply ‘action’. They set goals, sought ongoing professional advice on how to achieve them and committed to the journey for the long-term. Taking action reaps rewards – it’s as simple as that.  We look forward to much more goal setting and successful journeys with you in the next 30 years and beyond!

In this quarter’s newsletter we update you on CA News, provide an economic update on the much discussed housing bubble and share Dr Shane Oliver’s outlook for 2014. We also bring you a new home loan article from Ken Batten and have taken the liberty of providing a little inspiration if you are struggling to come up with New Year’s resolutions.

Last but definitely not least, we wish you a very happy and safe festive season. We hope 2014 brings much health, wealth and happiness to all.

Happy reading!

CA News

1. Christmas/New Year – CA Office Hours

Christmas CalendarChristmas CalendarCA’s offices will close at 5:00pm on Friday 20th December and re-open at 9:00am on Monday 6th January 2014.

2. Welcome Peter and Chris

We are very pleased to welcome two new members to the growing CA team.

We are fortunate to have Peter Gray joins us as a senior Financial Adviser while Chris is doing a fantastic job assisting our Account Management team. You can read Peter and Chris’s bios on our website here.

3. Movember Support

CA 007Two of our esteemed Financial Planners, Michael Horan and Thomas Cotter, took part in Movember.  Apart from providing a great source of amusement for the office, Michael and Tom’s ability to throw vanity to the wind saw them raise a combined total of $775 for men’s prostate cancer research. A fantastic achievement.

Christmas CalendarChristmas Calendar

Economic Update

Should investors worry about a housing bubble?

The Housing bubble is still a hot topic of conversation and may even come up over Christmas lunch! For one perspective on the issue, we include a detailed article by Fidelity World Wide Investment.

A better 2014 for the Australian economy and profits

AMP Capital’s Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist, Shane Oliver, shares his outlook for 2014.

Adviser Articles

When it comes to home loans, one size doesn’t fit all 

shutterstock_66928486Selecting a home loan is a complex decision and whether taking out a new loan or reviewing your existing mortgage, more and more people are turning to an experienced mortgage broker to help them select the best mortgage for their needs. In this article, CA’s in-house mortgage broker, Ken Batten, provides an overview of the types of loans available from fixed vs. variable to ‘professional packages’ and ‘honeymoon rates’. 

Inspiration For Your New Year’s Resolutions

At this time of year it’s natural to reflect on the year gone by and think about what’s in store for the next 12 months. Incorporating some financial strategies into your new year’s resolutions may not be as exciting as say ‘visit the great pyramids’ but you’ll have a real sense of achievement when you cross them off your list.  If you need some inspiration, here are some to consider…

 1.       Start a budget – it doesn’t have to hurt!

December is probably not the best time to be talking about budgeting and we don’t want to dampen your festive spirit, but January is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf and really analyse where your hard earned money is going. Budgeting is a term that is thrown around without much meaning but when implemented with skill and commitment this simple concept can have a significant impact on your long-term wealth and lifestyle – small ‘tweaks’ can make a huge difference and it doesn’t have to be painful!  To get started check out the CA Budget Planner.

2.       Check your personal insurances

Think about what would happen if you couldn’t work or worse still, suddenly passed away. It’s not the most uplifting thought for the festive season but ensuring your personal insurances are in check should be at the top of everyone’s 2014 To Do List.

3.       Get your super in order

Most of our clients have their super well under control however if this is an area you haven’t focused on as yet perhaps now is the time. If you have more than one super account, aren’t exactly sure what fund or risk profile you’re super is invested in or haven’t nominated a beneficiary on your account, you have an opportunity to take control. Your super may eventually be your greatest asset – give it the attention it deserves and make it work for you now.

4.       Set goals

How many people have said to you lately that they can’t believe how quickly this year has gone? Each year seems to fly by even faster than the previous and we spend so much time dealing with the day to day that we rarely stop to dream and plan. Take stock this new year and think ahead. Write down what it is you really want to achieve over the next 5, 10 or even 20 years. Talk to us about your dreams and goals – we’ll work with you to make sure you are in the best financial position possible to achieve them.

So there you are – we’ve done the hard work for you. Simply copy and paste onto your list and follow through!  Our financial planners and mortgage broker, Ken Batten, are here to help and just as they will hold you accountable to achieving your resolutions, feel free to question them on how they are travelling with theirs – they include salsa lessons, mastering duck l’orange and catching the perfect wave!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Santa Waving Through a Circle

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